Cheap Christmas #1: Like My Cones?


December 16, 2011 by Amie M

This Christmas, money is a bit tight, but I still wanted to decorate. Last year we didn’t decorate the apartment, because I was gone a lot for a conference and girls’ weekend in LA. So I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it.

But this year, I am here! Well, except for the week I’m going to my parents’ house.

So I decorated. Cheaply. With only stuff I had in the apartment.

First off, our mantle! This was a huge selling point when we were apartment hunting, and I love it! So I got it gussied up for the holidays with some tissue trees.

These babies are all over pinterest right now, and I jumped on board. Here’s how I made my white coned lovelies.

First your supplies: scissors, scrap paper (computer paper), tissue paper (whatever colour your heart desires), tape, and hot glue gun.


Take your scrap paper, and roll it into a cone. With an edge as the apex.

Tape, and add another cone inside if you want it taller. Tape that to the one on top. Then trim so it sits flat.

This is when you try to avoid putting two cones up to your chest and singing “Like a Virgin.” Your cat will stare at you with judging eyes. She just wishes she had moves like yours.

And yes, that’s a Star Wars glass in there too. What of it?

Now for the tissue papering. To make the first cone you’ll do a twist and wrap.


and wrap.

Oh and glue.

For the second tree, you start with a cone (bra) base, then make an eyelash fringe

and wrap.

That’s how you make these two beautes.

For Tree 3 and Tree 4, it takes more than a little twisting and wrapping. They took me a weekend each. Well a weekend each of watching Jericho and Grey’s Anatomy in between knitting Christmas presents.

Tree 3 is something out of your Elementary school crafts. Remember making wreaths or trees with square after square after square? And glueing them to a cut-out? Somehow I forgot how long that took when I was 7, and thought a much bigger canvas would be cool. It was, but the length of time wasn’t. Watch Greys, it will keep you amused.

Using a pencil and squares of tissue papers, hot glue gun just the tip (heehee) of the square.

Then apply! It goes quicker if you work sections outwards. And it makes different sized squares less noticeable if they aren’t all clumped together.

Tree 4 was a series of rosettes made my twisting tissue onto itself.

Twist a longish piece of tissue into a spiral.

Then glue the bugger and hundred (literally) of his buddies to your cones. Just not the fleshy ones, that would hurt.

Then magically both cones are done and turn into these!

You can see on Tree 4 that there is more than just rosettes. I had to stuff my cones (heehee) with tissue (Junior high flashback) to make them fuller. I think the results will bring all the boys to my yard.


One thought on “Cheap Christmas #1: Like My Cones?

  1. These are so simple, and so pretty! I’m going to have to remember this for next year. Or maybe I’ll make some in colors or different shapes for spring. The pictures are great! So easy to follow along.

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