Cheap Christmas #2: Having a Ball!

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December 17, 2011 by Amie M

Another really awesome Christmas decoration I made on the cheap: balls!

My balls are hanging real tight. (Sorry, a little AC/DC, I had to).

I have to make a mention of the tunnel in behind the gifts. This is Audrey’s first Christmas tree, and she loves it. She uses it as an attack base as we come around the corner into the living room. So to be fair to her, I’ve been avoiding putting presents in the back.

But, back to my balls!

Here’s how I did it:

Blow up a balloon to size you want your ornament. Mix white glue and water into a runny paste, and then spread onto your balloon. Wrap string or twine around the balloon. I used fingering weight acrylic blend stuff that I picked up at Zellers for 2$. Using a cheap painting brush, paint your glue paste onto the thread. Coat it. Real. Good.

If you like coloured balls, mix in some food colouring with the glue paste. Or just buy coloured yarn. I didn’t need many balls, so I just bought white and dyed the glue.

Wait for the balls to dry, this will take overnight or longer.  In hindsight, I should have strung them up to dry, instead of in cupping the balls.

But Audrey enjoyed investigating my crafts!

After they are dry, pop that balloon! And watch the silly faces your cat makes as the balloon shrivels and pulls away from the yarn. It’s a weird noise.

Pull the balloon out, string up your balls, and hang ’em high!


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