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January 6, 2012 by Amie M

I’m thinking of making Fridays chill days on here. Writing a post with links to cool things I’ve found during the week, what’s on my mind and what my weekend plans will be.

So on my mind today:

Step classes. To get a gym membership to start getting my endurance up for that adventure in April, or see if I can find a good enough YouTube video to add to my workout repertoire.

Making perogies for supper with Heather this weekend. We haven’t had a Christmas get together yet. I think homemade perogies are needed. Sweet potato ones. With maple syrup. And if I make them, might as well make a post out of them.

(Link to YouTube trailer)

And finally getting to see My Week with Marilyn, with Kate. We’ve been talking about seeing this movie for awhile now, but haven’t. She’s been working dinner shifts at her restaurant, and I work business hours. So Sunday it will have to be! After we finish moving her.

Here’s to a full weekend! I think I might force Paul to go for a hike, somewhere. We need more time outdoors.


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