The Two Furry Ones

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January 11, 2012 by Amie M

Since in about 30 minutes I am about to press send on a very important email that will likely change everything regarding my academic career, I need a pick-me-up. I can’t quit shaking I’m so nervous.

Without wanting to go into details, here are some adorable photos of my furry roommates.

These photos were taken sometime in November. I can tell because Paul is sporting is sexy Movember stash. He is also wearing a Han and Chewie as Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt. If you are curious as to where Paul gets most of his casual shirts, check out TeeFury.

One wonderful thing we have noticed about our furbaby is how much she loves music. Whenever Paul whips out his guitar she is fascinated by him and it.

When it’s the acoustic she will sit by it and listen. When it’s the electric, she wants to get closer and steal the attention away from her dad. This is such a great trait for her to have, as Paul is a bit of a music nut. You know, just a little.

This one is perfect to showcase their relationship. She idolizes him. It’s as if she’s asking him to write a song about her.

Wish me luck on the school front!


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