The Best Days of 2011, in Photos {Part 1}


January 12, 2012 by Amie M

While we were chilling after seeing a movie on an awesome gift card from a great house neighbour, Paul showed me this folder on his computer. My man is a bit of a photographer, on top of being a bit of a musician, bit of martial arts enthusiast and bit of my man (which is full-time. Honestly, babe, I have no idea how you have time for other things!). In this folder were his best photos from 2011. Going through them with him was a great way to look back at how much we did last year, and how much more we are going to do this year!

I am going to be sharing these photos with you, and the little stories of our adventures that went with them. Be ready to be awed by how awesome my main squeeze is. I am. Most of these photos are printed and up on the walls in our guest room/den. Eventually I will get around to showing you how we styled our apartment, thus far.

In April, just after our anniversary, and before Paul’s birthday, Paul surprised me with booking a trip to New York for the weekend. MegaBus had a great seat sale, 20$ each, round trip.

His mom hooked us up with a hotel right in Manhattan, and we got to planning our cheapest get-away yet! The hotel was just around the corner from the Flat Iron Building.

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge.

Took the subway everywhere possible. TTC has nothing on NY Metro!

Spent a day in Central Park.

Spent a few nights in Times Square, enjoying the crowds.

And people watched in Grand Central Station. It’s hard to believe at one point they were going to tear this place down!

Walked into the Guggenheim, took a photo, and walked out. Paul took this one lying on the floor. The security guards were giving us weird looks, but didn’t stop us. I guess we aren’t the only ones who have done it!

With the help of a CityPass, we skipped the line to the Statue of Liberty, where Paul got this daytime shot of the skyline.

Paul went into the trip with a checklist of idyllic shots he wanted to take. I went in with a list of restaurants in each neighbourhood I wanted to go! Can you tell what our two hobbies are? I kept our food budget down by checking out different restaurant review sites to find the best places for our money. Each night was a different culture. We had Korean, Mexican, Italian, British, Thai and more!


2 thoughts on “The Best Days of 2011, in Photos {Part 1}

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