The Best Days of 2011, in Photos {Part 2}

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January 19, 2012 by Amie M

As the proud woman I am of my man, here are more of Paul’s best photos from 2011.

On a random spring day (sometime after or before our trip to New York) Paul and I went for a walk in the downtown area to take some photos of the geese. Our city is plagued by them, and this photo excursion was spurred by Paul almost hitting one on the way home from jamming with his band. So off we went with his camera to take photos of the fluff-balls that make Paul go “Awww.”

With their down so soft and flooffy, getting close enough to take photos of them was worth risking some nips and chases by the mamas and papas.

We weren’t the only ones out that evening. Some joggers were being chased by the parents, and one other couple was trying to get photos of the babes in the setting sun.

It’s days and sights like these that give me a smile. I had forgotten about this day until we looked at the photos again.


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