A Bed Fit for a Princess


January 23, 2012 by Amie M

One of the last weekends Aberfoyle Antique Market was open, Paul and I decided to go. There were a few things I was interested in shopping for, but mostly I just wanted to wander, and wish, and let my imagination play.

We came home with a couple things that day, but the best find was an old hardshell valise.

When I saw it, I knew it was perfect for a bed for Audrey. Much like these taking over Pinterest. We brought it home, cleaned it, and put her favourite blanket in it. Since then it’s been sitting pretty, and neglected beside the bed. She uses it, and loves it. But I wanted to make it more special for her.

So off Paul and I went to the Greenwood Quiltery, where we’ve had luck before with fabrics (our headboard is just an Amy Butler fabric over a canvas frame), and I tested out some old sweaters that I was going to scrap to see what I could salvage.

Paul ended up finding the perfect fabric. It’s Lonni Rossi’s Bubble & Swirl. The little bit of green, and turquoise on a grey background matches the colours we have for Audrey so well. And there are little hints of gold in there too, perfect for the princess.

To start with the refab of the suitcase, I tore everything out to start from scratch, and Audrey helped.

I scratched off all the glue and fabric.

Then started framing in and sizing up the new fabric and quilt batting for a padding on the top. I had scraps of the quilt batting that I double layered.

Then sewed into a uniformed layer. Then I cut a long strip of the batting to go around the outside of the layer, to cover the inside sides. I pinned it into place inside the suitcase with the batting just reaching the green. Then I sewed it up.

Then I laid the new fabric on top.

To get the corners perfect, I “pleated” the corners to keep the inside smooth.

The rest of the fabric was pinned down to the other side of the batting.

Then I sewed it with a 3/4 inch seam around the edge to hold it all in place.

Then I hot glue gunned it into place. And then an extra line of glue around to hold the edges down.

Then I took an old cushion that was falling apart, and ripped the stuffing out.

Then I grabbed one of my old sweaters. and cut it into pieces, sewed those pieces together to make a giant cozy cushion. It was a lot of tedious seaming and then closing it was even more tedious.

Audrey seems to like her new bed. But we will see if she sleeps in it.

Cost and time breakdown:

Valise: 15$ at Aberfoyle Market

Fabric: 15$ for 1.5 yards (I only ended up using .75 yards, so really 7.50$) at Greenwood Quiltery

Sweater: From scrap bin, 0$

Stuffing: From cushion from my rez days, 0$

Glue: Hot glue on hand.

Audrey’s Princess Pad: 22.50$, when similar ones are going for 80$ on Etsy.

Don’t you love your crafty Mama, Audrey?

*Just added this to Katie Bower and Sherry Petersik‘s Pinterest Challenge Link Party.


4 thoughts on “A Bed Fit for a Princess

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