The Best Days of 2011, in Photos {Part 3}

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January 26, 2012 by Amie M

This post of best days are a couple different ones thrown all together.

At the beginning of the summer, after Mom and Dad came to visit, we bought a barbeque, at Dad’s insistence. While they were out, he got really frustrated at our old (but free) clunker and almost bought us a new burner for it. Mom talked him out of it, and that was that. Or so I thought. Then just before my birthday, Canadian Tire had a sale and Dad called me up and said I was going to buy a new barbeque, he insisted, and persisted. So they put money in my account and Paul and I went to pick up the BBQ that Dad wanted us to have. I like the new BBQ, Paul doesn’t. Audrey just loves the box it came in.

Paul took the BBQ box and turned it into the new and improved cat fort. Audrey has many of these already around the apartment, and Paul was just thinking of some temporary awesome for our baby. But this box is still up and she still plays in it.

Here is our little warrior defending cat fort from a likely assailant. She won.

Later on, on Canada Day, we headed up to our friend’s family cottage for the weekend with two of our couple friends. One set of these couples were getting married in October, and Paul and I wanted to surprise them with an engagement photo shoot. So I styled props and came up with ideas for the shoot. Of the photos, for some reason these were the only ones Paul loved the most. I might share the rest soon, with Melissa and Geoff’s permission of course.

There was a mishap with these balloons. See, there were seven of them to start with. Then Geoff got excited and let some of them go. Silly Geoff. Silly balloons for floating into the trees.

This weekend was fun, and hot! The water was good, beer was a plenty, and we played Settlers of Catan when the mosquitoes got too bad outside.


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