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January 27, 2012 by Amie M

I’ve been adding to this post all week with little things I like, stumble upon, and musings, with things I like attached to them.

Audrey’s been sleeping in her new bed every night this week, I think she loves it!

So Audrey, this little kitty is for you! (Found on Modern Cat)

Young House Love‘s Fab Freebie this week was from Fine Artichoke. Here is my fave on their website right now. It would look lovely in my vintage yellow kitchen.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. I’m thinking about getting the man some art. There are always great prints on Etsy. I’m loving this one right now.

And this one by the same vendor. If only Paul and I were doing our Epic Adventure for our birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, for the next two years… Ha! He only thinks he’s hard to buy for.

Joy always knows what to say. Her clever little thoughts written out with a (sometimes) perfectly paired baked lovely make my day. This recent post about meeting mothers of boyfriends had me reminiscing. I was such a nerveball when I met the man’s mom. And I’m still a stresswad whenever they come to visit. Everything has to be perfect, more perfect than when my parents visit! Next time the Skinners are out, I might just have to make this cake. Paul will frown, Kathleen will Ooh, Audrey will try to lick the batter out of the bowl. And Marc will be stolid Marc, cracking jokes with a deadpan stare, waiting for you to laugh, cause you think you should, but you aren’t sure if it really is a joke.

It was my little (big) sister’s birthday yesterday! Happy 27th Miffa!! I hope your gift comes in the mail soon. It’s something just for you, because you need some YOU time. Your birthday should be a selfish day, and your everyday has been spent doting on that big brown eyed beauty you brought into this world. Let Chris take care of her for a day, and you do what I sent in the mail. Love you.


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