What did the cushion say to the couch?

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January 31, 2012 by Amie M

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve hated our couch cushions since we bought the couch almost 2 years ago. That’s a long time to hate something, and not do anything about it. So I finally did! When we bought fabric for Audrey’s new bed, I also picked out some colourful fabric in the remnants section at Greenwood Quiltery. 0.75 yards of one, and 1.5 of another, and I was set!

I made two types of pillows this weekend, two pillows with a cover that can be changed out, and a more permanent one.

To make a changeable pillow cover, take a pillow that you want to cover, and measure it. This one was 12″x16″.

Iron out your fabric of choice.

Going crosswise on the fabric, measure your pillow width (or height) plus one inch for seam allowance. I measured 14″, just in case. Make sure you are doing all markings on the wrong side of your fabric. I used a pencil, ink tends to bleed through more often.

Cut with shears.

Finish ends of fabric, by ironing 1/2″ over.

Then iron 1 1/2″ over.

Pin. These edges will give the cover some weight and durability for when you slip the pillow in and out.

Sew along the innermost edge, making sure to grab to the the 1/2″ fold over underneath.

Iron it all out again, and lay flat. Eyeball the middle of the fabric, measure your width (or height). I added 1cm of length to each side to give more play. Do this on the top and bottom of big rectangle.

Fold fabric in, good sides facing at these marks. Pin.

Fold other side in, and pin.

Sew a 1/2″ seam on both sides.

Pinking shear or serge the edges to prevent fraying.

Flip right-side out, use finger nails, chopsticks or crochet hook to get the corners out real good. Stuff.

Pimp out couch and admire.

Before photo. Looks can be deceiving. Well it’s actually all due to the camera and light quality. The original pillows really did suck! But Paul liked them.

Price breakdown:

1.5 yards striped blue cotton fabric from Greenwood Quiltery: 11$

1 spool coordinating thread: 2$

Two cushions for 13$, with enough fabric left to make another.


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