Most Eligible Bachelors


February 1, 2012 by Amie M

Paul and I have been parading eligible bachelors in front of Audrey for a couple months now. The only reason we haven’t jumped the gun and brought her home a hunny, is we want this love for her to be forever, and it’s not a decision to be made lightly.

Her current beau is one that she has actually met. Mr. Shadow is one of my best friend’s cat. He is a handsome little bugger. He’s crazy, and clumsy. I think Audrey finds him endearing. When they first met, she kind of just put up with him. Then in the middle of the night on his last day of his vacation, they started playing with cat fort. The next day until Shadow left, they were inseparable. She’s looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day with him. Or at least we are.

Our latest fave, Prince, from her original home at Niagara Falls Humane Society was a big, friendly man, with a bear face that knows his name and loves to give cuddles. He sounded so perfect for our princess. But then he found a forever home. We are happy for him, but sad Audrey might have missed out on her Prince Charming.

Then we imagine her with a sharply dressed gentleman. Occasionally a tuxedo-decked chap turns up. This week, we’re eyeing up Briar.

There are other times when we see a little kitten, and wonder “Ooh, Audrey could be a cougar…” Piper is this week’s cougar bait.

As much as we would love to add another bundle of fur-joy to our tiny apartment, we just can’t yet. Our apartment is a bit too small to give the kids time away from each other. Also, with our epic adventure coming up in April, it wouldn’t be fair to the newest addition to go away and leave him with our diva for over a week, after just bringing him home. So if we are going to be adding a new boy to the house, to even up the gender ratio, he will be coming after we get back. And I will name him Humphrey.

I’m already looking for bowtie collars for the handsome devil.


5 thoughts on “Most Eligible Bachelors

  1. Vanessa says:

    You’re hilarious!

    • ecochic87 says:

      Is it so funny to take my princess’s love life seriously?
      Each of the prospective men bring a lot to the table. I have to consider every angle.

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