The Best Days of 2011, in Photos {Part 4}


February 2, 2012 by Amie M

Paul gets on these photos kicks sometimes. Where he gets a style of photo in mind, and he will spend days, or weeks trying to get the perfect shot to satisfying his craving. This summer his nighttime craving was star trails.

These little nightly excursions led us to some very pretty spots in and around our city, and in his hometown. Trying to find the perfect angle and laying there in dark watching the stars move across the sky got to be very romantic. One of these nights we brought a blanket and warm clothes as spent a few hours in the big park in our neighbourhood. The photos didn’t turn out great, but the conversation was good. Wink. Wink.

Another couple nights we went cruising around outside of town to get away from the light pollution in the shots. The first night we listened to a book on tape, Dunk and Egg a series of short stories based in the world George R.R. Martin created for his Song of Ice and Fire series. Another night we downloaded Tangled and brought lawn chairs and watched the movie while the camera did its thing. This night was when we took the photo above. He actually ended up with the camera facing back towards the city over the lake. The clouds and glow add a nice effect.

The summer was super filled with weddings. We had four to go to, Paul was in three of them, I was in one. Two of these weddings were in his hometown, and were just a week apart. So one night while we were out for some wedding duties, we grabbed one of Paul’s best friends and did another set of star trails in a hydro corridor on the edge of town. It was a great night catching up with Brad and looking forward to the pending weddings. This photo is printed and has a prime location in our living room. We made sure to give Brad a copy.

Paul set up these shots by opening his shutter for 30 second intervals and took 30 photos minimum. He then merged all the photos together to make the trails become apparent between all the shots.


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  1. […] did more star trails last summer. And he does them by taking thirty second shots and merging the photos together. Both of these […]

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