Take a Chill Pill-ow

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February 6, 2012 by Amie M

From my cushion post last week, you could obviously see the second type of pillow I made. This guy was a biggie! It took two and a half cushions to stuff him!

This cushion was made with 3/4 yard of fabric.

I took it, and folded it in half. Sewed it on two of the sides (the short and long side opposite the folded long side). Then I pinked the edges to prevent fraying.

Then I folded the fabric, corner to folded edge to make a triangle, to make a square pillow. Make sense?

I then cut the fabric to this size, leaving a bit of seam allowance, using the pinking shears.

Then I sewed in from the edges, leaving a gap in the middle that will be used for stuffing. I made sure that I triple stitched the sides of the opening, in case I get rough when stuffing.

Then I tore apart cushions I was going to donate, and stuff this big guy.

Then I pinned the opening, squished as much of the stuffing to the other side. Then I sewed.


Pillows are super easy: straight lines, and keeping the right side/wrong side issue straight.

I think on my next one I will try a zipper. Or a button hole.


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