The Best Days of 2011, in Photos {Part 5}

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February 9, 2012 by Amie M

These photos just keep coming!

For Labour Day weekend we escaped the craziness that was the students moving back to town, and went to Manitoba for my cousin’s wedding. Leanne and Chris were married in a gorgeous location, at the Assiniboine Park Pavilion Gallery Museum, in Winnipeg. The night was beautiful, and you could see Leanne’s touches everywhere. But Paul didn’t bring his camera to the wedding.

When we go to my parents, I try to get in as much quality time with my cats as possible. I only get to see these two twice a year: once on a long weekend in the fall for a wedding or Thanksgiving, and then for a week at Christmas.

Cocoa is my cat. She is the daintiest beauty, until she starts running. Then she turns into a hefflalump. Her gorgeous long black fur used to be chocolate brown (hence her name), and she used have a silver mane, with black face and paws. Then she grew. Then she got louder. Then I moved out, and somewhere in all that she became my dad’s shadow. Cocoa, or Girly, is the reason why I waited so long before getting a cat where I am now.

Mickey is handsome man, who is the king of his jungle. My aunt found him on the side of the road with brother as a kitten. His brother didn’t make the night, but Mickey survived. This big boy has had diabetes, recovered, taken on raccoons, strays, and will do anything for a belly rub or chin rubs (on you, not him). He was my sister’s cat, until she moved out for university. Her weekend visits would consist of Mickey ignoring her, until she was packing up to go back. Then he would smother her in his shedding love. He is a camera ham, and difficult to photograph. As soon as you take out a camera, he runs to it!

Both cats are 14 now. Both still go outside to hunt, and bring home sizeable prey. Cocoa has been to the vet a lot with accidents. One was because she got attacked by the raccoon that Mickey and our neighbour cat eventually scared away. The vet had to shave quite a bit of her head to drain her wound, and now Dad calls her scarface. My girlie loves it when I visit, because she gets to sleep in the bed with me. Mom and Dad don’t like the kids in their room, because they make too much noise.

I love Cocoa and Mickey. If it wouldn’t stress them way too much, they would be with me.


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