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February 10, 2012 by Amie M

That time in Paul’s and my life is inching closer. Even strangers are now commenting on our “lifestyle choice.” But it’s always fun to get children’s impressions and expectations when it comes to this thing. Paul and I will get where we’re going when we get there, and we are in no rush, even if people are rushing us, like Gramma.

Paul’s favourite comment is the last one. Mine is how to tell if people are married. Oh kids. I love their perspectives!

Another cutie that I found this week:

That is fear, right there. Poor baby.

Yep, this week was a lot of funny emails and findings on Ravelry.

Paul and I are headed to his parents this weekend. I’ve been trying to convince him that we need to start doing 2-5 km hikes every weekend to get trained up for the Epic Adventure. Bonus points will go to us if these hikes involve inclines. So, depending on trail conditions in the Niagara Escarpment we might be doing the Rockway Falls sidetrail.

Also, after a lot of shizzle going down with Rogers since November, I have decided to cancel all my services with them, at some point this year. First up will be internet. Any locals know good independent internet service providers? After the Epic Adventure is paid off, I will be buying out my cell phone plan, so I will be going with an independent then, too. The Big 3 should be called the Big Bad 3.


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