Life (and Thesis) Happens


February 22, 2012 by Amie M

This week will be a bit of a hiatus from the blog, as my usual blogging time will be eaten up by thesis-ing time. I am hopefully only 3-4 weeks away from a plausible defense date. And I have a strategy to get there.

That strategy will involve a lot of late night working at school, after work, and pressuring sweet-talking a friend into doing a once-over for writing style. I am hoping to have my edits done tonight, with the friend edits into the weekend. Advisor #1 will be getting it Sunday/Monday. He will have it for 4-5 days, then I check those edits/suggestions with 1 day turnaround. Then it’s off the Advisor #2 with defense papers. I will be proceeding with or without Advisor #2’s approval. This baby needs to get done, or it never will. I am confident in my methods and my results for what was available to me to make them happen. I just hope my Examiner sees it that way. *Gulp*

Wish me luck, and send me hard-working and positive vibes.

And yes my Google Calendar background is a view of Machu Picchu. I have to remind myself what I am working towards, and what is my great reward to finishing.

Once things get back to normal, I will be posting about Pi(e) Day Swapping, a few knitting projects I have on the go, and starting my planter garden from seed.


2 thoughts on “Life (and Thesis) Happens

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