A La Parisienne


February 28, 2012 by Amie M

I’ve been getting ahead of myself when it comes to my knitted gifts lately. I get so excited that I am done that I wrap them up and cannot wait to give them to their recipient. This year’s Christmas present to Paul’s mom was one of those.

I found the Paris Mitten randomly on Ravelry one day, and knew it was perfect for her. Kathleen and Marc went on a vacance en provence last year (2010?) with Kathleen’s brother and partner, and she came back glowing. So I whipped these mittens together for a Christmas present.

Last year I made mittens for everyone in my (immediate) family, and I’ve already shared some of them. Because Kathleen and Marc live closer, she tends to see what I’m knitting as I’m knitting it. And in 2010 as I was knitting furiously away on Mom’s Mittens, she got mitten envy. I made a mental note that Kathleen was knitworthy.

It’s always hard to gauge how someone is knit worthy. You have to guess how they would receive something handmade. Will they be delighted that you put time and effort into it? Will they go “Oh, nice, but I don’t really like cuffs like these,” or “Thanks, but they aren’t my colour,” or “This is something I wouldn’t really buy” and then never wear them again.

It’s also part of your responsibility as a knitter to let go of your gifted knitted items. You made them, you enjoyed them as you were making them, and you gifted them which was their purpose to you. If the recipient chooses to never wear them, lose it on her wedding day and blame a bridesmaid, then it was their purpose with the recipient. Let go.

I am happy to report that Kathleen loves her mittens and exclaimed how she wears them every morning. So when Paul and I were out the second to last time, I got Paul to take some project shots, for my Ravelry project page. I know, like a clip out of Sh*t Knitters Say. But I like having a semi-pro photographer around, and using him to my benefit.

Here are the lovelies I’ve been talking about. My two-colour knitting has been improving so much. I can now keep an even tension between the colours, without having to stretch them out before gifting them.

These mittens are adorable, with the right and left hand being different from each other. The left has a Paris banner flying across the Eiffel tower.

With a bi-plane pulling it onto the palm.

(link to trailer)

The black and white colour scheme makes me think of Midnight in Paris, and the roaring twenties. So that is what I named the project!

As with all of my mittens, I personalize them. I take the thumbs and change the colourwork to make the recipient’s initials.

Thanks, Kathleen, for loving them.


3 thoughts on “A La Parisienne

  1. Rena Wyrich says:

    Very cute, I wish I could do something like that. I’ll have to learn!

  2. Kate says:

    Those are gorgeous Amie!

    I wear my mittens on super-cold days when the long cuffs are cozy and nice 🙂 It hasn’t been a winter to require much mittening, but I still love the ones you made for me!

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