March 4, 2012 by Amie M

One of my best friends, Kate, has been a great resource as of late. Not that she always isn’t full of help, advice and fun. But she is also a fantastic academic writer, and I am using her to my full advantage.

After getting some not-so-optimistic feedback from Advisor #2, Advisor #1 and I came up with the idea of having someone formally within our research group look at my thesis for writing, flow and other issues. So I asked Kate. In between working at the hottest burger joint in town, power outages in our neighbourhood and life happening for her, too, she has really turned around my thesis. I expect to hand everything over to Advisor #2 and examiner by Wednesday, putting me at a defense date shortly after March 21.

My evenings and weekends have been full of sitting at school, in my abysmal cubicle staring at my dual computer screens and slouching through edits. That was until the man and I had an epiphany “Why don’t we just remote access my school computer, so I can work on it from home?” So we did that today.

And now, my thesising setup is much more pleasing. With my tea, laptop and in the most sun-drenched part of the apartment, I am plowing through these edits.

Audrey is here, too. Note the furry grey bum in her second favourite chair. I gave her a second pillow so she can see what’s going on, on the table a little better. Princess, much?

Thanks, Kate, for the quick turn around with your edits! I owe you cookies and beer.


One thought on “Thesising

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for the heaps of praise Miss Amie, but I must say that a short thesis goes a long way toward a quick turnaround; brevity is golden.

    Your writing set-up looks delightful. It’s amazing how quickly a good ambiance can change your mood and productivity, eh? Enjoy the sunshiny edits and bottomless tea!

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