Friday Fibre Funnies


March 9, 2012 by Amie M

To keep you regular.

Why, yes, I really do find some good yarns about knitting and fibre. I shall not reveal my sources *cough* Google *cough* (that was supposed to read like Gollum saying “gollum”).

A set of funnies for you today (From here), I bolded my favourites.

1. Your yarn is sooooo soft. Touch mine.

2. You’re so cute I’d give you my pattern for free.

3. There’s nothing quite like a new ball of yarn in the hand, don’t you agree?

4. I want to frog you.

5. I’ve been looking across the room at you all night and I think it’s high time we purl the two of us together.

6. Let’s repeat.

7. You do that like you’ve been slip stitching your whole life.

8. Let’s finish off this dinner then try some back-looping.

9.  Your needle tips are so cold, let me warm them for you.

10. I soooo want to handle your hank.

11. Are you left-handed or right?

12. Do you like your yarn forward or back?

13. You’re loose like chenille.

14. I like my men like my balls of yarn, manageable.

15. What will it take to convert you to come home with me?

16. Ooooh, a blocker playing hard to get!

17. You like working with naturally dyed yarns? That’s so raw.

18. What I wouldn’t give for some of your purls of wisdom.

19. (kiss me) many times.

20. You make me so hot I want to cast off.

And because it’s been awhile since I’ve put up anything cat related:

Look at them! Kittens in the workplace! I love the siamese in the back waving.

A few life moments happened this week that should be shared.

Yesterday was the four year anniversary of Paul’s and my First Date. Today, just like then, Guelph is blanketed by snow. I love snow.

How did we spend our anniversary? At a rock festival, of course! The Man’s band played Gain Music Festival last night, and the boys killed it! I was so proud of my man! Photos to come this weekend, or next week. I was going to upload them today, but I kind of slept in and didn’t have time to this morning.

I submitted my thesis to my examiner and Advisor #2 this week. I have a defense date. March 29, 2012, at 1 pm. No big.


One thought on “Friday Fibre Funnies

  1. Vanessa says:

    Yay, thesis defense!!!

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