Blue Cheese Bacon Burgers


March 20, 2012 by Amie M

Mmm, bacon. Mmm blue cheese. Double mmm bacon and blue cheese, smushed together with onions, cayenne, pepper, and beef.

For the St. Patrick’s Day party The Man and I hosted this weekend, I threw together some yummy burgers using leftover blue cheese. They went over really well in all our frivolity. They key with burgers is only flip them twice. Some say otherwise, but I insist that the less you touch them, the better. The juices stay in, and as long as you temp the burgers before serving, you have no worries about being overcooked or undercooked.

Ingredients assemble! To make (another of Mom’s secret recipes) the basic burger patty you will need, 3/4 lb of hamburger meat, one onion, salt, pepper, two eggs, 1 c breadcrumbs. To take things up a notch, you will need your favourite toppings, but put them IN the burger. I did this with bacon and blue cheese.

Throw the meat, eggs, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Wash your hands, then get in there and mush it up. Add the breadcrumbs as needed to make sure you are getting a good patty forming in your hand.

Prep your toppings that are going in. Chop up onions and half a lb of bacon. Throw that in, and mush it up again with your hands. There are no photos of this, as Paul was getting texts from Melissa and Geoff that they were 10 minutes out, and I still had cupcakes to make. Some things got forgotten.

Form patties the size of your palm, making sure they stick together. Just look at those cheesey globs. Perfect amount of bitter to go with the salty of the bacon, and sweet of the onions.

There are no plated shots, or BBQ-ing shots because of the slight inebriation of my guests and a game of flip cup going on while I was BBQ-ing. But trust me, on freshly baked hamburger buns, with carmelized onions, and more bacon, them burgers were divine! I still have another 3/4 lb of meat in my freezer. I wonder what innards I shall do next. Suggestions?


One thought on “Blue Cheese Bacon Burgers

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