The Packing List

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March 27, 2012 by Amie M

20 days to go. And we haven’t started packing yet! Why is this a big deal? Well, it’s a huge deal because we still have no idea what else we need to buy to make sure we are super prepared. We haven’t put anything in our packs to see if it all fits, and determine what we could leave behind. But more importantly, we need to see how much space we have for me to bring back yarn.

The travel company we are going with is Intrepid, and our trip is the Inca Trail Extension. Going by the trip notes, and the Ultimate Packing List, The Man and I have a lot to wrangle together in a short amount of time. It seems short, because all of our weekends are booked until we go. So the only times to buy things and pack are this Sunday, and any weeknight leading up to the adventure.

Here’s what the Ultimate Packing List suggests we bring. I’ve broken it down into manageable categories. I like small manageable lists over one huge, daunting list.

Passports (leave copies with parents), insurance information, trip confirmation, and e-tickets.

Padlock, Daypack, and Weekender.

Dukarol, Diamox (altitude sickness meds), chapstick, bug spray, antihistamines, hand sanitizer, contact solution, sunscreen and aspirin.

Peruvian Nuevo Sols, money belt, and US currency for Lima hostel.

Travel pillow, sleeping bag, headlamp is borrowed (Thanks Geoff!), and Therma-Rest is supplied.

Spanish phrasebook is actually a vintage one from Great Aunt Ollie a 1960’s classic, Peru guidebook (whatever strikes our fancy), Monopoly DealMunchkin, Hunger Gameswater purification tablets, waterpack, souvenirs for our guide and porters, and a reusable shopping bag.

Basic make-up (Lily Lolo powder foundation, mascara, and blush), face cloth, moisturizer, solid shampoo, solid conditioner, solid toothpaste, beach towel, sewing kit (minus scissors) and my oil cleansing method facewash blend.

I am trying to limit the liquids we have to bring, because they are heavier, take up more space, and if we plan it right, we can use our backpacks as carry-ons. Also I like to use as little plastic as possible, minimal footprint when traveling!

See, once it’s all written out, it isn’t so bad. Nothing much to freak out about anymore. And breathe. All that is really needed before we go are sleeping bags, prescriptions, and money. I’ve got this covered. Hunny, I have no excuse now to stress. At least not after we do those three things. Everything will be fine, we are prepared. Now let’s go!


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