Lucky Kisses From Natty


March 29, 2012 by Amie M

My sister can have the perfect timing for when I need her most. Last night she called me while I was out with friends, saying that Natty wanted to Skype with Auntie Mamie. So as soon as I burst through the front door I turned on Skype and called the cutest baby on Earth. Natalie wanted to give me lucky kisses for my thesis defense.

Here she is trying to roll over when I was calling her.

Grabbing her Sophie. Her depth perception is amazing!

Butt shot! Look at those rolly thighs!

Blowing kisses to Auntie Mamie.

Plopping down after a burst of giggles.

And me trying to give her kisses in return. Or nibbling her baby thighs.

Thank you for the good luck kisses, Nat-Nat!


2 thoughts on “Lucky Kisses From Natty

  1. Melissa Hornby says:

    Nattie says that she loves you!! and she wants you to visit more – even if it is just a skype visit 🙂

  2. […] a few months later you turned into a giggling mess. Everything set you off. You would go nutters trying to talk to me […]

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