A New Suitor


April 12, 2012 by Amie M

Audrey has a new man in her life. And they haven’t even been in the same room.

This weekend while The Man and I were working on a project outside, and baking away inside, before heading to his parents for Easter, when a little wanderer happened by, and wouldn’t leave. The Man was out spray painting this project in the back, and out sprung a super friendly boy-cat. He rubbed up on us, rolled onto his back and begged for a belly rub. Apparently he was sleeping in the bushes behind the house.

The Man came inside to tell me about him. Then we opened up the kitchen window to see if he was still there.

He heard us. And Audrey heard him. Up she jumped into the window and just watched her new suitor from above. He cooed and meowed up at her, and she paced and meowed down. No hissing, no growling, no threatened behaviour. I think she liked him!

The cooing and meowing continued for awhile. Then we went out to put another coat on the project and came back in. Buddy (that’s what I called him) decided he should try another window to get his lady’s attention.

So to the spareroom back window he went. He jumped up on the stairs that goes to the rest of the apartments in the house and started cooing for Audrey.

She came running from the front and leapt onto the sill. They stared and talked for awhile. But eventually Buddy left.

When we came back from The Man’s parents, we wanted to get more work done on the project. So back out we went. And out Buddy came too. He must have been hanging around for a couple nights. We worked in the front on the project, and he weaved in and out, supervising as we went. He made it a little difficult to get back inside, as he kept going for the door when we went up the front steps.

Audrey was keen to see him again. We let them sniff each other through the screen door.

From Buddy’s personality, and how he was obviously fixed, he must belong to someone. He doesn’t have a collar, nor does he have a tattoo in his ear. He looks to be well fed. He’s not fat, and he’s not skinny, he’s healthy. And he responds well when we talk to him. If we weren’t going away next week, we would quarantine him in the back and bring him to the vet to see if he is microchipped. I am reluctant to put food out for the guy, because we want him to go home, if he has one. But if he is still around when we come back, he will be going to the vet to see who his family is. And if he doesn’t have one, Audrey, he is all yours.


6 thoughts on “A New Suitor

  1. Vanessa says:

    AWWWW! He looks kinda angry in the stairs and screen door pictures! Haha.
    How is ‘the project’ coming along?

  2. am1ec says:

    ❤ this cat story thanks 4 sharing!!

  3. Carrie says:

    Oooh~ that Buddy looks like a little tiger there! He certainly is well fed and healthy LOL From the photos I can see Audrey is also interested in him too!! It’s nice of you wanting to take him to the vet and do some checkings 🙂 I also have various cats visiting our house and befriend with us, but mostly I know to which neighbour they belong to 😛

  4. Ana Maria says:

    Was there a wedding or not? 😀 From my point of view , I say Buddy is not an ordinary cat….Did you go to vet to see what’s up with Buddy? I am curious! Have a nice weekend! By the way : I enjoyed the pictures from Machu Pichu…great trip!

    • ecochic87 says:

      We almost brought him in last weekend, then had a change of heart. He is now so obviously someone’s cat that we could only think of the worry and stress it would cause us if someone took Audrey in. But if he is still lingering, we will take him to the Humane Society to get scanned for a microchip.

  5. […] moss green underneath. It took three thin and even coats to get it all. During all of this was when Buddy kept us company outside, much to Audrey’s […]

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