Gifts for Dad


April 13, 2012 by Amie M

I’ve been thinking of things to get Dad for his birthday, which is fast approaching on May 21. Sometimes he can be as difficult as Mom to shop for! And surprisingly, Mom was easy this year. I got her present at Christmas!

I gave him a set of zombie gnomes for Christmas. Any idea how hard it is to top that?

I can continue on the zombie theme I’ve had going for the past couple years, but he already has the Zombie Survival Guide. And his best friend and him already set up their lake house with a zombie survival kit. Complete with canned goods and machete. Or so I am told.

Oh and this t-shirt. I got him that last year. Or the year before.

But I think I need to branch out a little more.

Perhaps some more cheesey movie art posters for the basement? To go with the man cave of awesome.

Make him embrace the good Doctor a little more? Series 7 is coming soon.

Or I can move away from the common geekiness that we both share, and go towards his outdoorsy side. Something for cooking at the lake?

Or his love of antique tools, and get him something to remind him of the way things were done in the time of his Grandpa.

Or I can bring back a selection of hot sauces and yummy things from Peru. The man does love to experiment in the kitchen.

I have a lot of thinking to do!

Or I could just ask him:

Dad, what would you like for your birthday?


One thought on “Gifts for Dad

  1. Dad says:

    You know all a dad needs is to joy of knowing his children have grown into smart, healthy, independent, caring and contributing members of the communities they choose to live in. Since this is the gifts you and your sister give me everyday I cannot ask for anything because you can’t get anything better than this.

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