The Last Time We Were at the Cottage…


May 21, 2012 by Amie M

Was Canada Day weekend last year. It was the first time we had seen Melissa in months! She was still living on the East Coast finishing her Masters, and Geoff had moved back to Ontario for work. With their impending fall wedding, Paul and I wanted to do something special. So we raided Mike’s grandmother’s quilt cupboard and styled a lovely engagement shoot for them. We even brought helium balloons to the lake, and tucked them somewhere dark and cool so they would last all weekend.

With a lot of jokes, and getting them to tell stories about each other, and with Mike making fun in the background, they fell into a groove of just hanging out.

Didn’t Geoff do a great job of picking out her ring? It suits Mel’s style so well! I love the vintage, art deco, pave setting.

Paul loves this photo because it feels so passionate.

For a couple that was so reluctant to take the photos, they certainly turned out well! They look so relaxed, and calm.

They are such a fun couple, and they go so well together! Geoff’s hyper, decisive, stubborn nature is balanced out by Melissa’s calm, whatever happens, happens demeanor. They handle each other so well! When Geoff makes inappropriate jokes, Mel just shakes her head and tsks. When Mel takes forever getting ready Geoff just shrugs. They know each other are worth it. They are an intelligent, hard-working, driven pair, who deserve everything in life. They love what they do (Mel is in animal welfare, and Geoff is a brewer), and they love sharing it with others. Their love is contagious, and their faith in each other and their future is infectious. And they look good, too!

Happy (just past) 6 months to the newlyweds!


7 thoughts on “The Last Time We Were at the Cottage…

  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures!!!! They seem like a wonderful couple!

  2. A lovely engagement shoot, indeed. And, yes, they are a beautiful couple.

  3. beautiful pics and a lovely romantic weekend for the lovely couple, who sound like great people 🙂

  4. suhas14 says:

    awesome guys, great going, wish to see lot more:)


  5. Melissa_Wiseman says:

    This is a very sweet post Amie. Your kind words are very much appreciated. Geoff and I will cherish our engagement photos always.

  6. Mukit says:

    amazing, beautiful post !!

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