Victoria Day Weekend


May 22, 2012 by Amie M

So we headed up to Kenesis Lake this weekend, to partake in some festivities at Mike’s grandmother’s cottage. The weekend was surprisingly, and unseasonably, hot! So we took advantage of the weather and went swimming a couple times. The air was at 28 C, and the water was chilly at 16 C. But it felt so good. I got my first blackfly bite, ever. Yep, even though people tend to think Manitoba is overrun by them, it really isn’t. Those little buggers hurt, and you would think I would remember having chunks of my skin being ripped off!

Every night, and day, was spent drinking beer and playing board games. Fury of Dracula, Bang, Quelf, Dominion, Scategories, Ticket to Ride and tonnes more!

But on the two clear nights Paul set up his tripod on the dock and took some more star trails photos.

The second night,

Was wonderfully outshone by the third night at the lake.

In the first photo above, you can see the much brighter, and redder, trail of Mars. It was also pure happenstance to get the North Star just off the corner.

But the second photo wows me every time. This is not the final version, and I still love it.

Paul did more star trails last summer. And he does them by taking thirty second shots and merging the photos together. Both of these photos are 100 photos each.


3 thoughts on “Victoria Day Weekend

  1. eric0704 says:

    Awesome!! Going to have to try this one day

  2. The stars were so beautiful this past weekend. What a lovely way to hold those memories.

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