Goodwill Hunting


May 29, 2012 by Amie M

I am sure I not the first to use that as a post heading when talking about thrifting! But I have been doing my fair share lately.

I love thrifting. The thrill of the hunt as you go into a second hand store, or pull up to a garage sale gets my pupils dilated. You have no idea what you are looking for, so you are looking for everything. Your every whim is wide open and you go into sensory overload as you try to picture what a ceramic technicolour rooster would look like on your mantel. But Paul doesn’t let me bring home too many stray knickknacks that might scare Audrey out of the room. Instead, I have a vase and candlestick holder addiction. And milk glass. And brooches. And after this weekend, antique metal service ware.

A couple weeks ago, we hit up the Goodwill store on our way to see The Avengers (awesome movie!). Oh boy, did I ever hit it big! The Goodwill we go to always has a treasury of milk glass. I love me some milk glass.

I limited myself to only three vases, and a lovely, shapely yellow one too.

Then I got distracted. I love going into the fabric and linens sections. Old pillow cases and bedsheets are perfect resources for sewing projects, quilts, napkins, placemats and table cloths.

I found a blue/gray gingham bedsheet, two yellow gingham curtain valances, and some really pretty pillow cases. I am thinking of using the bedsheet as the binding on the quilt I am working on. It goes with the colour scheme and is incredibly soft.

This Goodwill haul cost me:

Bedsheet: 4$

Pillow cases: 2$ each

Valances: 3$ each

Small milk glass vases: 2$ each

Bigger milk glass vase: 1$

Yellow vase: 3$

Total: 17$!

Then this past weekend, Paul and I hit up some garage sales. One oddity about garage sales in Ontario, they all end by noon. In Manitoba, they usually go all weekend! So I didn’t understand why Paul was rushing me to get my sunscreen on and find my sunglasses at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday.

The first one we went to, they were already packing up at 11 a.m., and were anxious to get rid of everything.

So for 1$ I got an antique frame, two silver candlestick holders, and some really pretty cloth napkins.

The second one was just down the street and I got a lovely copper water pitcher, a copper serving plate and two brooches to add to the growing collection for 3$!

I’m thinking of turning the frame into a serving tray. As lovely as it would look on the wall, I would want to paint it white to put it up. So to keep it tarnished and filigreed, I might take out the plexi insert and put a piece of melamine in, probably black, or a dark grey. Something food safe. I don’t know exactly what, but that imagination and those dilated pupils of mine are telling me to make it into something I can stare at everyday.

The candlestick holders are lovely the way they are. I might take some toothpaste or baking soda to them to polish them up a little more.

The same with the copper pitcher. Anyone know how to polish copper?

But this serving plate, wow! The etched designed, raised fluted base, I think I might use it as a cakestand! Is it an addiction if you only have two cakestands, but they are the first thing you look for in every thrift and garage sale you go to? Good, I didn’t think. Denial.


2 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting

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