I’ve Got 99 Problems, and This Quilt is One!


June 6, 2012 by Amie M

Following the Home Sweet Home quilt recipe, and the wonderful tutorials by Diary of a Quilter, I am making my first quilt!

I needed 81 5″ squares. The shopgirl at Greenwood Quiltery helped me out and recommended getting 6″ cuts of 12 fabrics. I ended up only using 11 of the fabrics, and had 9 squares leftover. I also needed 3 yards backing, 3/4 spacing fabric and 5/8 of binding fabrics. Oh and the quilt batting. And thread. Lots of thread.

I started out by cutting the 6″ wide strips into 5″ x 5″ squares.

Then I tossed all the squares in a bag and pulled out 9 randomly, being careful not to have repeats, and sewed them into a 3 x 3 block.

Then using the ruler I cut across it twice on the diagonal. Then I threw those triangles back into the bag and grabbed 4 at a time, sewing each of the square first, then joining the sides.

Then I took the 3/4 yard of spacing fabric and cut it into 2 1/2″ strips. I sewed the vertical spacers first to make the horizontal rows, then added the horizontal spacing to bring it all together vertically. Make sense?

With the recommendations from here, I laid the backing out on the floor, good side down and taped it. I pressed the quilt top to the batting and rolled it to transfer onto the backing. With some careful maneuvering the batting and top lined up with the backing. I had a lot of extra backing!

I basted the layers together with my straight pins slightly bent.

Then using The Painters Tape Method for even spacing, I quilted the layers together, sans walking foot. I trusted my pinning job to keep it stable. That didn’t work and ended up with my stitches being too tight and too small. Stitch ripping those nasties out!

With some consulting from a quilting friend (and hoping Auntie Teresa or Auntie DeeDee read this) I am going to take another crack at it tonight. I do not want to buy a walking foot just yet, because I know it can be done without it. But if the Aunties tell me to, I will go for it.

Anyone out there have tips on how to quilt sans walking foot? I’ve tried YouTube, general Craftster forum searches and Google. Nada. Comments all say it can be done, but give no assistance on how to do it.



9 thoughts on “I’ve Got 99 Problems, and This Quilt is One!

  1. Mom says:

    there is still the old fashioned quilt by hand method

  2. dad says:

    Do it by hand already. That would make Great Grandma M. Proud. 🙂

    • ecochic87 says:

      Fine! Fine! I will stop by the quiltery and grab a hoop and hope they have thread. I definitely have enough of Aunt Ollie and Great Grandma M’s needles.

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  5. Auntie DeeDee says:

    I guess you didn’t get my suggestions. I did suggest you just use the regular foot and set your stitch length on long(baste) and quilt it with that. If you are just doing the straight lines, it will work. feed the extra quilt in first and roll it up so you have lots of place to work with. Hope this helps.

    • ecochic87 says:

      I did get them, but just as I was quilting. Haha. I still tried to increase my stitch length and loosen my tension, but it gave me problems then. I did the “scroll” trick with the bulk of the quilt: where I had it rolled up to either side of my working area.

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