The Live-In Babysitter


June 7, 2012 by Amie M

Poor Audrey. The girl is exhausted when I get home at the end of the day. She hardly greets me. Just walks up to the front door and waits for me to pick her up. She used to rather exuberantly launch into my arms. Now the little cuddling I get I fear is just her way of getting out of Charlie’s reach.

As soon as she gets comfortable anywhere, Charlie stops what he’s doing on the other side of the apartment and speeds towards her.

Jumping at her tail, back, head or anything that can be nibbled or swatted. This ends with Audrey swatting him back. After a good few smacks on the head, no claws, Charlie gets distracted and runs away.

Leaving Audrey amused at his antics, and waiting for it all to happen again.

But she does enjoy him. Especially when he’s sleeping.

CharlieJust look at that face. Who wouldn’t love him? You would never suspect that he just knocked down the garbage in the bathroom. Or unrolled half a roll or toilet paper. Or just attacked the arch of your foot with his needle sharp teeth. Or slept on your face for half the night.

He looks peaceful. And I hope this is how he is for most of the day with his live-in babysitter!

Babysitting a real baby takes a lot out of you, doesn’t it, Princess?


3 thoughts on “The Live-In Babysitter

  1. Auntie DeeDee says:

    why don’t you just use the standard foot, on a basting stitch and quilt it with that. Without the foot you won’t have the feeder dogs to push the fabric at a consistent pace, but you found that out already. Try this with the regular foot and see if it works. Pull the quilt into place & roll the excess so you can manuveur it. You’re quilting straight lines? It should work. Let me know!

  2. kiwiyarns says:

    Awwww!!! sooo cute!!! They need to be – so that they can get away with all those naughty things they do!

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