It’s Done!


June 11, 2012 by Amie M

And Audrey was kind enough to model it this morning.

The quilt is wonderfully tufted through some accidental purposeful backing bunching, bound and Audrey tested.

The colours worked out really well, and I’m glad I took out that green fabric with the dead black trees. It just didn’t work. But these colours: the greens, the blues and little bit of yellow, are so happy, crisp and modern. The main pattern series is called Backyard Baby. This is the trees on blue, the birch trees on blue, snails on green, and the dots on white.

For the quilting, I went with a walking foot, only 23$, and just did one round of diagonal lines.

The walking foot was useful again for the binding. I ended up going with the extra backing fabric. Following the Diary of a Quilter’s recommendations, I cut the fabric into 2 1/2″ strips, seamed them, folded in half and made a wonderful, mitered-cornered border to the quilt. Very easy. I cut the strips on the bias, for more durability and so that the stripes would always be against the flow of the backing stripes.

I am very pleased with myself! My first quilt! And it didn’t turn into a hot mess!


8 thoughts on “It’s Done!

  1. Auntie DeeDee says:

    looks great Amie, lots of work eh? You got it finished and now you can use it, or AAudrey can!!!!

  2. It looks great! Funny how those colors/patterns come together so nicely in the end, good eye.

  3. dad says:

    Great grandma M would be proud.

  4. Vanessa says:


  5. Rosanna says:

    Great quilt! great cat!

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