Pincushion Swap!


June 19, 2012 by Amie M

I signed up for a wee swap a couple months ago. It was hosted by House of Pinheiro and  Sew Far Sew Good. The task was to make a pincushion or needle holder out of scraps and pieces already on hand with whatever textile craft you would like. I was paired with the lovely Jenny of Corbin Creek Quilter in Valdez, Alaska.

She sent me this lovely little package. An adorable card addressed “To Amie in Canada,” and a cloth bundle tied with leather.

Opening the card I was greeted with a birthday and pincushion swap wish, and some friendly notes. I would love to see photos of your beach cruiser! They really are great bikes, aren’t they?

The cloth bundle opened up to reveal a notions organizer and pincushion. Yep, that green XO lovely is the same fabric as one I used in the quilt (fabric details here)! We really do have similar tastes!

The pincushion is also stamped with a little birdie, like the outside of the bundle.

Charlie did a little investigating, or drive-by attacking in the middle of the photo session this morning. Excuse the fluffy orange photo bomb.

One side of the organizer can fit things like my tape measure, stitch ripper, small scissors. A great way to keep things out of reach and in one place.

Thank you very much, Jenny, for the lovely package. Seeing how you put it together is give me great ideas to make a knitting needle and crochet hook organizer! I love the bias tape edging and the fun colors on the inside as a surprise from the soft neutral on the outside.

And you have a great idea to make tags for the items you make! Very clever.

I hope my package arrives soon! Canada Post is notoriously slower than USPS.


One thought on “Pincushion Swap!

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