All the Cool Knitters Are Doing It


June 26, 2012 by Amie M

I’ve heard of the Ravelympics a few times. And was curious about them. I participated in other knitting Challenges on Ravelry, like Nerd Wars, and thought it was great fun to work on personal goals and challenges within a timeframe, and thought Ravelympics was much of the same, but with a shorter timeline.

The Ravelympics is a fantastic movement of knitters/crocheters, who grab a skein of delectable yarn and sit down to watch their countries compete in the international sports forum of games, and challenge themselves to grow and strive harder in their skills at the same time. Ravletes start a project page, with project starting the day after the Olympic opening ceremonies, and tag it with keywords to be attributed to the games, and the events they wish to compete in. The competition is with yourself to finish the tasks you set. After completion, you are awarded with badges of honour.

But this fibre event has been of recent news in the blogsphere and social media due to the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) ordering a Cease and Desist to Ravelry for the use of the Olympic word in a profitable setting. The proprietary rights to the name (in the USA) makes sense, and is a sticky legal topic. What a lot of knitters have issue with is the language used in the letter that marginalizes fibre artists in saying they are not being supportive of their respective countries’ Olympic teams, and trivializes their craft.

The Yarn Harlot had a great response to the knitting outrage about the order, and the possible misuse of language. She made some very sober thoughts on the comparison between being the extreme best of your sport, and being one of millions who are good at something. The Olympics, versus The Ravelympics.

But due to legalese, and precedence, the creators of Ravelry are now having to change the name of the Ravelympics to appease those who own the Olympic word in the USofA.

With all this hype around some knitting games, I decided to finally join! Why not? Everyone else is! And maybe I can get some projects done for myself, for once.

I will be knitting for Team Canada! I already have plans to join the Afghan Marathon with a herringbone blanket, using yarn salvaged from the Frogging Trampoline event. I also plan to whip out a surprise item for the Toy Toss, cross competing in the Single Skein Sprint. I doubt it will get done, but I want to start my Peru sweater from all that lovely alpaca for the Sweater Triathlon, also cross-competing, but in Colourwork Crosscountry. Or I can do the Sock Put, while cross-competing in the Synchronised Stash Busting and Cable Steeplechase.

The other events for the Soon-to-be-Renamed Fibre Games encompass all aspects of knitting. And for anyone thinking about entering, the list is not as daunting as you may think. The mods and creators have done a great job of simplifying what can cross-compete or not, and what qualifies for a medal. And here is their wonderful GoogleDoc with the ins and out of tags and qualifications for projects.


2 thoughts on “All the Cool Knitters Are Doing It

  1. Kate says:

    Exciting! You can do it Amie! (Note: please show off the things you create, here or in person 🙂

  2. […] until after the Ravellenics though. I might need some down time. […]

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