Friday Finds


June 29, 2012 by Amie M

This weekend is Canada Day! Paul and I usually have grand plans for this holiday. In the past we’ve gone to a friend’s family cottage, Ottawa for the big celebrations, and to see the Queen. But this year, some last minute plans to go camping way up north fell through (something about all the campsites being booked, a week in advance, what’s up with that?). So we are sticking around town and having Canada Day just the two of us, or with some friends. We may even head to the city lake, which is really a reservoir, for some swimming shenanigans with Penny, have some friends over for a BBQ out back and wander to fireworks in one of the city parks.

So I’ve rounded up some things that would go lovingly with a quiet, laid back holiday weekend.

A great red and white vintage picnic basket set. Perfect for a little canoe ride on the Eramosa River.

A cute red and white bag to carry sunscreen, hat and saskatoons in.

Some casual red plaid napkins, to help wipe the ice cream off each other faces, and be mindful of berry and salad dressing stains, in the canoe.

And a comfy, warm wool blanket to curl up under for the fireworks.

I think we will have a great weekend! Happy Canada Day!

I’m off to make bunting and plan a BBQ, beer can chicken and saskatoon pie! What are you up to?


One thought on “Friday Finds

  1. Kate says:

    I’m making potato salad to bring to your BBQ 😉 Cute picnic set!

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