Pin Cushion Swap – Sent!

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July 2, 2012 by Amie M

Remember that wonderful needle and notion organizer I got from Jenny? Well, as part of a swap, you typically have to send something. And I did!

Using the leftover yarn from making Natty’s stuffed Ellie, I crocheted Jenny a pincushion. Then I sewed a little vintage button on top after stuffing it with yarn scraps from my scrap jar. Yes, I have a jar of yarn scraps, just for stuffing toys and random little things.

I also threw in her little package some old buttons that would love a new home and a good use. She sews a lot for her children, so I figured they would get used before I could get to them.

And candy. Who doesn’t love some candy in the mail.

I also forwarded a little hand written note with the details of where the yarn and buttons are from.

I love doing crafty small swaps. I can’t wait to stumble upon another swap!

Not until after the Ravellenics though. I might need some down time.


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