Seeing Double


July 9, 2012 by Amie M

In the interest of Pinterest, and my own creative sanity, I decided to join up in Sherry and Katie‘s Pinterest Challenge.

In my see-sawing over which project to make, the frame tray, or the dresses, I ended up choosing to go with the toddler dresses as I had a double first birthday this weekend. Friends of ours had two wonderful girls at once, and they planned a great shindig with plenty of food in their daughters’ honours.

I picked the pattern through a very reliable and time tested search of toddler dresses on Pinterest. Prudent Baby had a great tutorial on a basic toddler dress.

So on Paul’s and my Canada Day Saturday, we stopped at the quilter on our walk home from the market, and I hit up their remnants and clearance section. That means I had been planning on making these dresses in time for this Sunday, but never got around to it. Enter the Pinterest Challenge: Making procrastinators stop doing it tomorrow, because it has to get done now!

0.6 m of two great cottons (1.2 n total) for 11$, is an awesome find.

I printed the pattern, and extended the length on the dresses by 4″. I wanted to make sure the recipients could be able to wear them as dresses for awhile, and then eventually as shirts.

The pattern and instructions were very easy to follow. Except I had to upsize the collar, a lot. The original sizing for 12-18 months looked like it wouldn’t even fit my Natalie at 7. So some quick sketching, after having already sewed the pattern collars, put me back on track. The whole amount of time to make two cuties to make two cuties even cuter was 3 hours. The trick was to do the dresses at the same time, so there was no having to backtrack to repeat on the other dress.

I love how they turned out.

Two very different dresses using the same pattern, for two very different twins.

I hope you enjoy your sundresses, Maple and Quinn! Happy First Birthday!


5 thoughts on “Seeing Double

  1. Vanessa says:

    So cute! 🙂

  2. Kelli Helm says:

    Love these! We just had a little girl in May and these are the same kind of dresses I love buying her at the store! Maybe I’ll have to give these a whirl sometime, but I struggle sewing straight lines – people like me are probably just meant to buy clothes 🙂

    • ecochic87 says:

      These dresses are really forgiving. Because they are meant to be baggy and for her to grow into them, any mistakes in the seams are hidden. It’s also good to broaden some sewing skills by trying button holes. I was so nervous! But now that I know how, they are a cinch.

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