Long to Reign Over Us


July 16, 2012 by Amie M

In the wonderful pull of Jubilee-Mania, I was scouring the internet for some memorabilia of the momentous year of our Queen’s 60th on the throne. devoured Etsy, Ebay, Brit department stores trying to find something that suited my tastes for a memento of the occasion. Then I saw it: a lovely intricate handkerchief from a lovely Brit designer by the name of Cath Kiddston. I never heard of her before, but suddenly I had yet another design crush on this textile artist.

I checked our her website, and saw the scarf there, but shipping to Canada was astronomical. In a self-serving plea for help, I posted the link to the handkerchief on Ravelry and asked if anyone knew of another place to find the hankie. A lovely woman offered to go check her local Cath Kiddston store and buy it for me! What a wonderful gesture! A couple days went buy, and she sent me a message asking for my mailing address, and I responded asking for hers, and gave her my email so she could PayPal invoice me for the expense of the scarf and shipping.

Some more time went by, and I was aglow because I knew this beauty was on its way to me. It came last week.

But Nicci spoiled me, greatly. She really outdid her Jubilee Angel status in forwarding along other Brit and Jubilee-Mania lovelies.

She send a Jubilee postcard with a corgi on it. So tacky, it’s awesome!

A package of Union Jack tissues, Union Jack buttons, and a coin purse.

Then she also threw in a wonderful tea towel with Cath Kiddston’s design concept for the Jubilee. An adorable corgi in an embroidery-esque illustration.

But the star of the package was the handkerchief.

With each corner marking the important year and palace of our sovereign’s reign. 1952 in Buckingham palace for her coronation.

And 2012 in Windsor Castle for the Jubilee.

The centre crest is beautiful. But I really love the small blue, red and white flowers laced all over. It has a fantastic vintage feel to it.

I have great plans for this handkerchief.

I also have plans to spoil Nicci in return for this wonderful Brit and Jubilee package. Anyone know of a fantastic Canadian designer I can share with her? Places to buy Canadiana?

Kate and I also have great plans for the day Lizzie passes Queen Victoria in longest reign.


One thought on “Long to Reign Over Us

  1. Heather says:

    Canadianna is readily available in the St. Jacobs area 🙂

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