Machu Picchu in Our Living Room


July 17, 2012 by Amie M

We’ve been dragging our butts like dogs with worms, as Dad would say. We have been back from our wonderful Peruvian adventure (we really did that?) for coming on 3 months now. There are still some loose ends to take care to further encase our time in the Andes in our memories, and our home.

We shopped around for a good deal on printing Paul’s best shot of Machu Picchu, and finally pulled the trigger on getting it. Simply Color Lab is who we went with, and we got an amazing deal. Your first order is 50% off, and they have insanely low shipping rates. So for regular 217$, we got a humongous canvas print for 108.

And this thing is huge. Coming in at a whopping 2′ x 3′, it dwarfs our old Kinkakuji photo that was on the mantle before.

It is a jawdropper. All our friends who have visited since we hung this bad boy up (which was a hot half a minute after it showed up) have stared at it, mouths agape. My response has been “Yep, I take good photos, don’t I?”*

*Disclaimer: I did not take this photo. All the awesome photos I publish are really Paul’s. Seriously, they are. The lower quality, shakey ones are me. Unless Paul is in it, then I probably took that one, too, under careful supervision of using his camera.


One thought on “Machu Picchu in Our Living Room

  1. Vanessa says:

    Sweet! Looks great! 🙂

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