International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Yar!


September 19, 2012 by Amie M

All ye nasteh readers of this har blog, ain’t now not be a true buccaneer unless ye done drink ale and a bit o’ rum with one! ‘Til then, ye do not know the difference betwixt fore and aft or yer mama done be a silverpike.

Wow, that hurt my brain. And I sound more like an Illianer than a pirate. Too much Wheel of Time, Amie, too much WoT.

Photo credit: Kyle N.

A couple New Years parties ago, Paul and I decided to throw a Happy New Y’ar party at his parents house. The boys got pirate hats, and the ladies got princess crowns for the night. Paul and his friends enjoyed pirate talking all night to each other, while the girls enjoyed our crowns. They were shiny.

Photo credit: Kyle N.

Just for that night only, we put up with being called wenches. Just once, hunny, just that once. It was a great random night. We were pirates and princesses, and Jovan wished us all a Happy New Year, 2007! It was 2009.

Since then, Paul has been hinting about a themed birthday party. This hint may or may not involve him talking like a pirate when I mention his birthday. Then again he also not-so-casually talks about a Ninja Turtle cake, or an Emerald City party for the month before his birthday.

Random post, I know. My mind is scattered. I will resume regular programming very shortly.

PS. In the next few months I will be doing a very big cliché for an engaged blogger, and start blogging things about that day next year, on Wednesdays, because of the alliteration, and drag on sentences because of how much I love to comma splice and make Kate grimace at my run-on sentences.

PPS. Thanks for editing my thesis, and pointing these bad habits out while you were on cold meds. That’s true dedication to help a friend out. I still owe you a beer and some cookies.


3 thoughts on “International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Yar!

  1. Vanessa says:

    Two blog posts in two days! Woot!!!

  2. Kate says:

    I’m just catching up now! How did I miss all these posts? You’re getting quicker; I like it. Also, the mere fact that you recognize your own run-on sentences makes it okay that you use them… sparingly 😉

  3. […] used version on Amazon for over 100$! Yikes! But Days of Wonder did a special reprint in honour of Talk like a Pirate Day, and we managed to grab one of the stragglers from that run. Watching Paul open his package was […]

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