Things I Want to Get to, Now That I Have the Time.

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September 20, 2012 by Amie M

Since that beast is off my back, and out of my mind, I have a long list of things that I am itching to get done, organized, start, try, and experiment.

1. Organize and photograph my stash for Ravelry. It’s been awhile. I’ve received some delicious yarns in swaps recently, and I have not updated my stash to reflect my new tastes!

2. Buy a yarn winder and swift. The almost 2 kilos of alpaca I smuggled brought back from Peru are teasing me with their warmth and are becoming too irresistible to put off making them closer to my skin any longer. I need a winder and swift to make it easier to turn them into balls, then balls into a gorgeous fairisle cardigan.

3. Bake macarons. I bought the almond flour, I now have heavy machinery to back me up, and the landlord replaced the relic of an oven we had before. Everything is aligning to attempt this huge feat for a baker. I want to do it. I want to figure out how to make the perfect little feetsies on the meringues.

4. Clean the back room. Some important wedding events are coming up. And with them, comes guests. Our guest room is not in fit enough shape to receive. We need to fix that. Maybe this one should be moved up in priority? Bah, everyone knows Ravelry comes first!

5. Be more adventurous in my photo taking and plating. I have two adorable cats, I bake a lot of things, knit a little, and sew somewhat. I should be better at taking photos and framing them. Heck, the fiancé is marvelous at this, maybe I should pay more attention to him!

Now that my evenings and weekends are free, maybe I can start chipping away at some of these tasks. I think it’s totally do-able. But where to start…


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