Setting Our Expectations High, and Going for Them


September 26, 2012 by Amie M

With anxious hearts, and quick breathing over how exciting it was that our date was becoming unmovable, we handed over our deposit for the reception venue last Wednesday. On August 3, 2013, Paul and I will be wining and dining, then dancing the night away with 130 of our closest family and friends at a lovely location in Guelph.

It all started with a fortune cookie. On our way home from Manitoba after the engagement weekend, we picked up some Asian fare at the Winnipeg airport while we waited for our flight. After we were finished devouring the food, we cracked open our fortune cookies.

“Set your expectations high, and go for them!” was the advice from the fateful scrap of paper in the crunchy cookie.

Before this, I had been considering cheap alternatives for a venue space, based off what I could find on Weddingbee, the Knot and word of mouth for our city. We knew we wanted it to be in Guelph, we just wanted it to be affordable.

With some giggling, I announced to Paul that on Tuesday, when we were back in Ontario, I would begin emailing venues for estimates and tours. The top of the list was one that I had written off a long time ago, because I thought it would be too expensive. Mr. Cookie gave me the gumption to look at the venue anyways. What’s the harm in actually asking what the cost was?

Emails went out to the Guelph Youth Music Centre, University of Guelph Arboretum Centre, and the River Run Centre. We heard back from two out of the three, and still haven’t heard from the Arboretum.

One Friday afternoon, we went for a traipse, in our fiancé outfits (Paul likes to call him dressing smart casual on these outings his fiancé attire).

Photo credit: Ernie Gec, 2008

The Guelph Youth Music Centre was pretty. Nestled right along the Speed River, with Goldie Mill ruins between, it was convenient for guests after the ceremony to just stay on site and party away. But it just wouldn’t work. The reception space would be cramped with 130 people, and the table arrangement for that many, plus a dance floor just would not work.

Photo credit: River Run Centre

So off to the River Run Centre we went, still giddy and still chatty with “Isn’t wedding planning fun?” Wide open spaces, extra room we could use for the ceremony if it rained, a mezzanine area for a cocktail reception and a fantastic view of the river and outdoors has us at “Hello.”

Photo credit: River Run Centre

Anxiously we questioned the event planner for the space about pricing and open bar and bands and all the things that did or did not come with the rental agreement. It was all well within what we were thinking.

With River Run at the forefront in our minds, we waited to hear from other venues, but they were never good enough and never quite what we wanted. Or we just never heard from them at all!

So last week we dropped off the deposit cheque, and have our reception venue booked. Wow! It’s happening for realsies!


3 thoughts on “Setting Our Expectations High, and Going for Them

  1. Teresa Melnychuk says:

    It looks wonderful, Amie!

  2. […] we booked River Run, we took a walk along the river, trying to see if there were any houses with backyards big enough […]

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