Nick Waterhouse and The Tarots

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October 9, 2012 by Amie M

We went out last night. We immersed ourselves into a room full of hipsters rocking out to some wonderful music. The black glasses, plaid shirts, clunky, laced up boots, cardigans and unshaven mass of people moving to the music of Nick Waterhouse and The Tarots made us beam with excitement.

Photo credit: brennanmoore, Instagram

The hall was amazing. A large wall of gold and black wall paper framed the stage where the powerful voices of Nick and his wonderful lady vocalist were in perfect symphony with the sax, and keyboard, and drums, and trombone, and guitar.

The Great Hall is a fantastic venue. Paul and I were in awe of it the entire show.

Nick and The Tarots were a perfect fit for the old dance hall. The hardwood floors were shaking from people dancing and taking in the music. Nick Waterhouse’s sound is big beat and R&B. It takes you back. Back to days of greased hair, leather jackets, and swing.

Photo credit: myabatestlj, Instagram

The recent record Time’s All Gone was recorded with period equipment, a great nod to his revivalist sound. The music is raw, full of passion, and pulls you in. You cannot help but move your hips and tap your feet.

The group has been noticed. With an interview in GQ with Nick, and the music to an Acura commercial, more people are starting to take a second look at this band from all over California.

Photo credit: missmeaghann, Instagram

How did we hear about Nick and The Tarots? Well, when Paul was teaching in Japan, the drummer replaced Paul’s coworker at the end of his term. Jeff and Paul got along famously and went on many adventures together in the month and a half they were there at the same time. Paul and Jeff kept tabs on each other, and have taken interests in each other’s music lives. When Nick Waterhouse was getting off the ground, we listened to snippets on myspace. When the record was released, we jumped on a vinyl for Paul’s dad.

Paul had a great time catching up with Jeff last night. It’s great to see them doing so well!


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