Friday Finds: 51 Days Until Christmas {Wishlist}


November 2, 2012 by Amie M

Folks I love, and Folks who Love Me, hark these words:

I am not expecting any presents this year. I have plenty of things, I do not need any more. With the pending “W” next summer, and a lot of you having to travel to get there, you saving up to do just that is way more than I could ever want. Love you. Love, Me.

But for the sake of doing so, and because I love to window shop online, I do it a lot, here are some pretties that are making me squeal.

This placeholder set from Ruche made me think of Auntie DeeDee, and her love of pigs. We always got her a pig themed present. I remember hers and Uncle Ed’s wedding present being a set of pink concrete pigs. These little white guys and gals would look lovely in my dream dining room. Little bows around their necks, and cute quips riding their backs.

Since I tackled the baby quilt, that was ended up as a surprise present for one of the sister’s friends, I’ve been giving quilting another go. This time around, I’d like to kick it old school, and make Great Grandma M proud. I want to hand quilt it. To do that, I need a sturdy frame, sturdy quilting thread, and a lot of patience. I’ve looked a lot of places, and the only ones I can find that will meet my pickiness are from JoAnn’s in the States. The quiltery in town has some, but they are a little smaller than what I would like.

I’ve been ogling some skirts and dresses from Shabby Apple since, like, 2009? But their current holidays line is screaming my name. To the tune of Ella Fitzgerald. I love this polka dot skirt. If I already hadn’t spent my clothing budget for the year, I would jump on that like Charlie on a shoelace.

Like I said, I don’t need anything.

But then again, a yarn swift would be lovely.


2 thoughts on “Friday Finds: 51 Days Until Christmas {Wishlist}

  1. Vanessa says:

    Best line of this whole post: “I would jump on that like Charlie on a shoelace.” HAHA!

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