Friends to Dinner

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November 6, 2012 by Amie M

Charlie is obsessed with his mouse. We call him Mr. Mouse. It was originally bought for Audrey, but it was too big for her and she just let it be. Then when Penny visited a few times before we got the Orange Terror, she would go straight into the toy box and pull out the mouse. She’d chew on it until we realized we forgot to raise the toy box above her eyesight, and we would chase her around the apartment to get the mouse back.

After we got Charlie, he had little interest in the mouse. Then he met Penny and they became besties. Now he loves this mouse because it kind of smells like her.

Mr. Mouse is carried all over the apartment. We will wake up to him being in the bathroom sink, just outside the litter box, on our pillows or beside the food dishes. But this weekend, Mr. Mouse was officially brought to dinner. I woke up to find Mr. Mouse placed on top of Audrey and Charlie’s hard food dish.

Silly Charlie, Mr. Mouse is already stuffed.


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