Honeymoon Hopeful


November 14, 2012 by Amie M

Paul and I are hoping we can do a honeymoon. We like to think we travel smart and effective. Like our trip to New York, where we got a mega deal on Mega Bus from Toronto, used some awesome connections for a hotel right in Manhattan, went to famous dives for dinner and took full advantage of CityPass. Paul got his photo scavenger hunt, and I got my palate pleased.

Or how smart we were with our entire Peru trip. Intrepid really was the way to go!

Having a big trip a year seems to be the thing with us. Next year with the wedding planning we won’t be able to do it in our preferred spring travel period, making our big trip just perfect for a honeymoon.

So, Hello Autumn! But where will be good in autumn? I want romance, history, adventure and culture. Paul wants adventure, natural landscapes, isolation and plenty of photographic opportunities.

I keep pitching Paris, with some time in the Pyrenees. Paul is keen on Hawaii, or Yosemite.

It sounds like we need to honeymoon in Narnia.

It would be entirely within our budget. Transportation costs are only what it takes to find a working wardrobe portal. Our accommodations could vary. We could couch surf at a Beaver’s lodge or crash a majestic castle. The food would be amazing, as long as we stay away from Turkish delights. There is always a hidden agenda in Turkish delights.

And the history! Every time we leave and come back decades could have passed, and we would have been a part of it!

The landscapes and vistas are gorgeous and torn straight from the wildest imaginations. I think we would do well with a Narnian honeymoon.

Or we could always try for Middle Earth. I hear Gondor is nice in the fall.


2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Hopeful

  1. Kathleen says:

    Italy’s got a lot of options for you too… Great history, driving/walking with the scooters is definitely an adventure… Go to Venice and pretend you’re sinking… Go to Rome, pretend to be gladiators… Create adventure! Go out into wine country for some isolation… All you could both want! 🙂

    • ecochic87 says:

      Haha, thanks, Kathleen! I think I’ve won him over to Paris and the Pyrenees. He just needed to take the time to look up the Pyrenees.

      Italy is definitely on the list of options is musées et montagnes doesn’t quite work out.

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