Natalie’s First Birthday


November 22, 2012 by Amie M

Dear Natalie,

I hear a certain little lady is turning one today.

I know you will be a great woman some day. I will always be there for you to help guide you and make sure you grow well. If your mom is driving you crazy, I am here for you. She drove me crazy once, too.

This past year I’ve watched you grow.

The first day I met you, last Christmas, you were only a month old. And already you stole my heart. Your rolly arms, dumpling thighs and infectious smile had me at hello.

Then a few months later you turned into a giggling mess. Everything set you off. You would go nutters trying to talk to me on Skype, at only four months!

At six months, while eating everything in sight, your laughter got louder, and your attempts at crawling more fierce.

When we went out in August, around your eight months, man could you move! You never wanted to sit still! Only happy when you were standing, Uncle Paul managed to get some good baby portraits of you.

Natalie, you are growing so quickly. A year has flown! Soon you will be talking non-stop, with actual words, and throwing tantrums, and running, and blowing bigger kisses. I hope to be there for the running and kisses.

When you move past the cooties stage, I will be there to listen, because your mom will just want their names so she can call their moms and do background checks. And your dad will prime the front porch for waiting.

Years of cooties then freaking your parents out won’t be for awhile yet. So in the meantime, I will smother you in kisses over Skype, send you knitted things, and maybe some sweets once your mom says it’s okay.

My time to see you in person will always be abbreviated, but that brevity can bring out great moments because we have to make them count. Soon you will start to recognize me as more than that lady on the screen that looks like your mom. Soon you will know who I am, and how much I love you. I cannot wait for that day. Living away from you, your mom, your grandparents, hurts. But it makes the moments together sweeter, more meaningful.

For your birth, I sent you a friend, Ella the Elephant, just in time for you to join us in the world.

This year, I am adding to the mini menagerie.

Helena the Hippo will be your newest friend.

Mickey and Cocoa did a background check on her to make sure she will pass even the highest of scrutiny. They have your back, kid, even when I’m not there.

She is keeping your seat warm at Gramma and Grampa’s! Hopefully you will meet her this weekend at your party.

Love you!


Auntie Mamie

PS. Uncle Paul loves you too. That bunch of Munsch was from him for your birthday. Grampa just jumped the gun and gave them to your dad a little early.


3 thoughts on “Natalie’s First Birthday

  1. melissa says:

    I should not have read this at work. You made me cry.

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