Friday Finds: Awesome Baby Gifts

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November 23, 2012 by Amie M

Natalie was a riot last night. Auntie Mamie and Uncle Paul Skyped in to give our favourite niece some kisses. As soon as Melissa answered, and told Natalie to come over, our little girl came toddling over. That’s right, toddling. She was all out walking! The rest of our conversation with the birthday girl comprised of her button smashing the keyboard, and trying to close the laptop to see us behind it. Paul was trying to hide his fit of giggles at the monkey. Eventually all we heard was “Natalie, do not touch that button!” and we lost Melissa and Natalie for the night.

A poor connection didn’t really allow us to get some good screenshots of the happy girl. And Natalie kept turning off the webcam when she closed the laptop. I did manage to steal some of Chris’s photos of the bumble-butt eating her birthday cake. Prepare for a cute-overload.

Oh, myy Nat-Nat! I think you enjoyed wearing it more than you enjoyed eating! More importantly, look at your hair! I think you are going to be almost a ginger!

I was looking around for some ideas for your birthday present, if I wanted to divert away or ever add to the stuffie, and came up with some really cool things!

Natalie, I thought you would like anything from the wonderful My Little Square Noël Catalogue. If only you were big enough for the wooden fort, and sushi set.

For things you can enjoy right now, I am particularly in love with the mushroom bank, yellow wooden car, and the plum ballerina shoes.

But most of all, I think these posters would look lovely in your room.

Woodsy themed Letters and Numbers. I love the little kitties at the bottom, and I know you would, too! Mickey and Cocoa tell me how much you love them and always want to play with them. They say you love them more than you love your puggle.

Happy Birthday, again, Nat-Nat. I will see you on the computer tomorrow at your party. Save some cake for Auntie Mamie, okay?


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