Stationery Sets the Stage


December 5, 2012 by Amie M

There is an incredible amount of things to consider when picking out wedding stationery, or so the wonderful wedding industry tells me. The theme of our day must translate into the paper items that we send to our guests beforehand, else they will never know how to dress, what they will eat or even how to behave! Oh my!

Some of that makes sense. You want things to feel continuous between the invitations and the event. So you won’t send an autumnal and leafy invite to a garden wedding in August. That just does not jive.

With so many of our guests coming from not just out-of-town, but out-of-province, we were under a little pressure to get something out to them ASAP so they could start booking vacation time next summer and making a trip out of it. And people were beginning to ask if it was going to be in Manitoba or in the Niagara region where Paul is from.

So Paul and I went on a hunt for the perfect invites. We (or I) had a checklist of what we wanted:

  • Simple
  • Classic to vintage look
  • Soft lines
  • Eco-friendly

There were tonnes of examples we looked at from places on Etsy, Minted, Hello Lucky, and just general searches for vendor on a multitude of wedding websites and blogs.

Here were some of my faves:

Jelli and Ink

From Jelli and Ink on Etsy. The simple and casual invite. But Paul wasn’t too keen on the illustration idea.


I liked the classic curlicues of this one from 2besquared, but it was a little too ornate.


Then I was in love with the ‘stache and kiss from Minted, for a long time! But it ended up being not quite what we were looking for.



Then we booked the ceremony space, and we were definitely going to be having a garden wedding! So florals became a more serious option. I love the look of illustrated botanicals, and these two made my heart go pitter-pat.

Can you tell we were waning between a casual affair, to a also-kind-of-casual-but-a-little-bit-sophisticated-with-vintage-awesomeness-thrown-in? Yeah, I know we are incredibly transparent like that.

As much as I was loving the immediate selection from Minted and Hello Lucky, they just weren’t doing it for us. We wanted a little more help with the customization, or as Paul likes to put it, “fitting my feminism” onto the invitations. So Etsy vendors became more of an option, and I took a stronger look at what we had going so far for our day. We wanted a clean, classic, vintage, soft, elegant night, but not too stuffy. What paper invites could reflect that?

With going through a small vendor over a website, we decided that it was important to keep the money we spent semi-local, and to look for a stationer in Canada, or even Southern Ontario. Oh Myy, were there ever a lot when we narrowed our search! So I set to picking out a semi-local, vintage/classic invitation with eco-friendly undertones. We wanted to keep the amount of paper down to a minimum. Plantable invites, e-invites, printables and clever packaging all were options.

When we saw the shop of the stationer we went with, we fell in love. I won’t spoil the look for our guests, and therefore won’t overshare until the Save-the-Dates have gone out in a couple weeks, but we were very pleased with our stationer. She is fantastic and very helpful with every question and minor change I throw at her.

For someone who is all over the place in terms of style ideas (classy to casual, sophisticated to quirky, clean to eclectic), without compromising some of Paul’s and my ideals (feminism, eco-friendly, ethically sourced, local business), finding a perfect invite was tough. It was the hardest decision yet. Everything else has come so easily thus far, and is continuing to be a cinch. I hope I just didn’t jinx things!


One thought on “Stationery Sets the Stage

  1. Vanessa says:

    I can’t wait for the save-the-dates! 🙂

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