Friday Finds: To Stitch in Time

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January 25, 2013 by Amie M

I’ve been getting a major love on for some knitting, and sewing, pattern e-books as of late. There are some fantastic classic knitting and sewing patterns that make my heart jump. This is just a quick taste of the knitting patterns in my queue.

Quince and Co. released their new booklet Wool 4.

River PulloverThe River pullover is simple is structure, made with a purl row for stripes, but it is classic enough that it can last many years. Knit in aran weight, it would be a reasonably quick knit, and warm.

Susan Crawford is a clever lady. She has recreated some wonderful vintage patterns, her first book was based on patterns popular during Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, and is called Coronation Knits. But it was her book A Stitch in Time Volume 2 that caught my eye. This book is a tome! Over 400 pages with more than 80 patterns that will make you smile and itch to stitch.

Stitch in Time Faves

If I had to pick my top three from this book, it would be Charming Neckline, Jan, and Trimmed with Roses. Don’t you think the cardigan would be lovely in the grey, yellow brown and green alpaca brought back from Peru?

I’ve definitely been pulled more towards soft feminine lines in things I want to make as of late. Modern takes on vintage ideas and shapes would fit well into my current wardrobe. But as of now, I’ve yet to make an adult sized garment that fit the person it was intended for.

I am learning I need to pay more attention to the types of yarns suggested by the pattern designers when I choose not to go with their first pick. Some yarns have too much memory and stay puffed up in cables without laying flat. Other yarns have too little memory and all they want to do is lay flat. I have to learn more about these characteristics, and others.

Does anyone know a good resource to learn about memory, hand and drape and how it relates to number of plies, fibre contents, yarn weights?


PS. How adorable is this?


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