Come Fly With Me


January 30, 2013 by Amie M

Last week was a whirlwind. We upped our awesome a million times over in the course of a few days.

First, we bought another board game. Then we bought something I will get to. We bought my wedding ring. No photos until the big day, sorry. And we finished A Memory of Light. The wedding ring purchase is a story in itself! I may get Paul to tell that one.

The Something is huge. It is so wonderfully huge that it makes a lot of our collective and separate dreams come true. It is so fantastic, because we never thought it would happen. But with pressure to book vacation time from work, we had to jump the gun. This quick start was a happy one, as we managed to book our honeymoon flights, for a great deal.

Yep, the future Mr. and Mrs. have two tickets to an European Adventure, featuring Paris, Munich and Lower Bavaria, Reykjavik, and possibly Venice.

booking flights

The flights were booked amidst some frantic, elated and ecstatic Facebook messaging to get the details down. Then some more frantic, elated and ecstatic messaging as I had to put Mrs. into the itinerary. That created a tempest of butterflies vying with the Snowbirds for best in acrobatics in my stomach.

Mrs! Holy poop on a stick through a pennywhistle. That’s happening. At honeymoon time, I will be a Mrs. I think that was the first time I had a moment where I realized the magnitude of everything that was happening. All of this planning, preparing, and researching of things actually amounts to something. All of the wedding preparations didn’t elicit this reaction. Writing Mrs. Amie on an IcelandAir flight reservation did.

Paris in the Rain

Enough about my cloud-nine emotions of being a Mrs. come September, Paul and I are going to Europe! More specifically la Ville Lumières, the Romantic Road, Aurora Borealis Heaven, and the City of Bridges. We land in Paris after an over night flight, with a quick stopover in Reykjavik. We are planning to book an apartment for 3 to 4 nights, then take the train through most of France to Venice in Northern Italy.

One night in Italy, then a quick (relatively speaking) four hour train ride to Munich. We will be using Munich as a base as we rendezvous with several of the small towns along the Romantic Road, with Neuschwanstein as the ultimate goal.

We fly out of Munich, and head to Reykjavik for a whirlwind 25 hour layover. We plan on doing a Northern Lights tour, and I want to buy yarn.

My goals to see or do for this vacation:

  • Walk the streets of Paris, in the rain
  • Sit in a street cafe, sipping on a latté, and people watch a morning away
  • Watch the sun rise, or set, under the Eiffel Tower
  • Put a lock on the lock bridge
  • Eat a real macaron
  • Peruse a street market, maybe pick up a souvenir
  • Enjoy the mountains
  • Go for a hike to a secluded lake
  • Drink only local beer and wine
  • Eat a lot of cheese
  • Try lebkuchen
  • Chase pigeons in Piazza San Marco
  • Sit in a hot spring
  • Buy yarn.

Paul’s goals, as I see them thus far:

  • Take photos
  • Get the perfect shot of Neuchwanstein Castle
  • See the German Alps
  • See Northern Lights.

6 thoughts on “Come Fly With Me

  1. Oliver says:

    Congratulations! That sounds fantastic!

    • ecochic87 says:

      Thank you! We are really looking forward to it. Do you have any suggestions for places within a couple hour train ride of Munich to adventure to?

      • Kathleen says:

        We did a popover to Salzburg when we were there – Sound of Music tour… We also did Dachau, but that’s a bit depressing for a honeymoon!

  2. Vanessa says:


  3. […] page is bookmarked, pinned and well-viewed for honeymoon […]

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