Friday Finds: Engaging Topics


February 1, 2013 by Amie M

This week and last week have been a blur. But I’ve managed to find a few goodies along the way that I would like to share.


Like this newly found cave in Vietnam. Believed to be the largest cave, yet. There is even a tiny jungle inside! I know Paul, if he ever got over his fear of tight spaces, and complete darkness, would love to explore this! Look, hunny, it’s huge! No crawling in dank, dark shafts, waiting for the creatures from The Descent to get you.

Design Sponge interviewed knitting mastermind and virtuoso Jared Flood, of Brooklyn Tweed. It is so interesting to learn his process in designing patterns, and get a peak into his studio.

But the purpose of this title is this video. A little levity is always nice as Paul and I start to get intense about “the details” for the W in August.

But the loveliest of all the things I’ve found this week, is a little discussion on A Practical Wedding about the meaning of marriage. We all have our own definition about what it means to be wife and husband, and this does a good job of bringing them to air.


One thought on “Friday Finds: Engaging Topics

  1. Vanessa says:

    Haha. That video is awesome.

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